New Business Formation

Thinking of owning or starting your own business?

Opening your own business is exciting and thrilling! It's everything that comes after the excitement and thrill has worn off that dictates whether a small business will make it or not. It's up to you to maintain and stretch out the "thrill and excitement" period forever.

A methodical plan of action is needed to fulfill your dream or goal of being your own boss and running a successful business. Success lies in the approach you choose to take. We help you avoid the common pitfalls that many new small business owners make when starting their new venture.

Before your business even begins you will need to make decisions on many items that you may be totally unaware of right now.

We help you...

  1. Select which legal and tax structure best fits your needs by evaluating tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability should you need to relocate.

  2. Offer suggestions for your 'outside consulting team' which starts with a Financial Advisor and an Attorney

  3. Assist in the preparation of an initial business plan to clarify your marketing, management, and financial plans.

  4. Help to determine your start-up capital needs.

  5. Evaluate and quantify your borrowing power so you know how much money you can get your hands on if needed.

  6. Select the right accounting software by evaluating your budget, needs and hardware.

  7. Prepare a Cash Flow Budget so you know exactly how much money you need to keep the business alive each month for the first few years. Unplanned cash requirements are always emotionally painful.

  8. Assist in establishing billing and collection procedures to maximize your cash flow.

  9. Assist in establishing procedures to monitor and control costs.

  10. Setup a home office if necessary so you can maximize your tax deductions.

  11. Prepare and file your application for your Federal Employer Identification Number.

  12. Identify your business insurance needs.

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